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Welcome to Alpha Bravo, home of Budget Bullets.


We are working hard to keep up with demand. Regular production bullets
will ship in 1-2 weeks. Special Bullets will ship in 2-6 weeks.
We thank you for your patronage and patience.


We have been casting bullets for our own use for 30 years and decided to start casting commercialy to provide reloaders with good quality, inexpensive bullets for all your shooting needs.

We have been hand loading ammo for 40 years for our own use in Hi-power rifle, IPSC and PPC competition. Our interest lately has been reloading classic pistol calibers such as 38-40, 44-40, 45 Colt, 455 Webley and other oldtimers. For some uses,only a good cast lead bullet will do!

Bullet types manufactured by Alpha Bravo Manufacturing, LLC 

Our bullets come in two grades.

  • Budget Bullets are made with alloy we smelt ourselves. It tests to a 11-12 Brinell Hardness. This provides hardness adequete for most shooting needs and a bargain price. We have used this alloy for personal use for many years.
  • For those wanting a harder bullet, we have our Hard Cast line. We use hardball, virgin alloy of 2% tin, 6% antimony and 92% lead. This checks out to 16 Brinell Hardness. This is a little more expensive, but many prefer it for Magnum rounds or running lead bullets thru 9mm and 45 ACP caliber sub-machine guns and carbines.

We will also provide soft cast bullets for muzzle loading and other applications where a hard cast bullet is not needed or desired.

Unless otherwise noted, all bullets are lubed and sized. We usually use 50/50 lube, can use softer lube on request.

Custom sizing is availible, please ask.

We are always interested in purchasing LYMAN, IDEAL and other old molds in good condition. Please drop us a line if you have any for sale or trade.

We can ship via USPS flat rate for most orders.

USPS flat rate shipping available.

Budget and hard alloy bullets are available in quantities of 500 bullets.


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